How To Sell Products Online Using Video Presentation?

The first thing you need to have before you can achieve getting a sale online is Belief and it depends on the level of your belief. Example if you’re selling something about body building, you need to be the believer first of your offer. This is what your customer is checking if you yourself are also using that product before you introduce it to others.

how to sell products online using video

Here are the important factors that you need to consider in creating

1. Intro – This is made up of three basic components: your story, greetings, and attract attention

a. Your story - This is the part where you can share your story on how you encountered the product and what are your struggles before you found this product. Example: you are very thin before but when you used this product, you gain weight and grow your muscles.

b. Greetings - This is the part where you can greet your intended viewers and customers. This will address the audience that this video presentation is for them. Example: To those who want to build their body like John Cena, hello to you or this product is for you.

c. Attract attention – With the term itself, it already explain the things that you need to do to catch the attention of your viewers. This is also the part where you need them to hold on to you and make them finish the video because you have something to offer at the end. Example: You need to finish this video in order to know what are the basic exercises that can build your muscles fast.

2. Ask or address the problem – This is where you will address a related problem to your product and point out the benefits that they can get using your product.

a. Ask a question which will be specifically addressed by your product. Example: Do you want to be fit?

b. Mention the problem that they have encountered and how did they got into it. Example: Being thin made girls ignore you. Something like that.

c. Put salt – Mention the worst part if they will not going solve or address that problem. Example: How do you look today will still be the same in the coming years if you will not do something about it.

3. Present solution – This is the part where you need to provide a solution to the problems mentioned earlier.

a. This is what I got – Present the name of the product. Example: This is StonyPacks, a product for building your body and growing your muscles.

b. This is what it will do for you – This is the main entrance of the benefits that you need to highlight for the customer to understand its uses. Example: This product has free DVD with proven routines on how you can build your muscles fast in two weeks.

c. SWAT – Short for so what? If you mention a solution, always ask ‘what’ after every solution or you need to increment the benefits that it can give or solve the problem. Example: If you use this, you will learn self-discipline; when you’re disciplined, you’ll never get tired to exercise every day, you’ll never get tired of waking up early, and so on… 

4. Proposal – This is where you’ll ask them if they’re interested. This is also the part where you need to address what’s holding them back to refuse your offer or check it later.

a. Price juxtaposition – This is where you have to compare the price of your product to other alternatives which might cost them a lot of money if they will not buy your product. But, you need to do this in a mild tone and still consider the customer’s decision by saying “It’s your decision…” which makes them think and realize this time.

5. Close – If all the steps above are done, then this is the part where you lead the customer to the product page or to the procedure on how to get this product, and this is called leading. Call To Action or CTA is also important to specifically instruct them on what to do if they want to learn more or purchase the product right away. It could be instructing them to click the link, button, or email you to get the product.

So that’s it! I hope you’ve learned something from this simple but useful strategy on how to sell products online using video presentation and make sure that you apply this if you are into business which I’m sure the reason why you’re reading this article.

Please share to those in need. Thanks.

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