I'm Marvin E. Mondejar a BPO employee, blogger, an affiliate and an internet marketer. This blog was made to showcase different tips for marketing a business in the Philippines using social media sites and powerful tools in the internet.

In my early days back when I'm still studying college, I used to join many make money sites in the internet and learned few things in the process but didn't have the chance to earn what was promised by those sites. In short, I messed up and almost give up.

I'm also a former member of an MLM company in which I did not succeed because there was no formal training on how to market the business properly so I decided to explore new things and got lucky I found Ignition Marketing that taught me more in marketing a business.

When I learned about Ignition Marketing, I did not join right away. I started watching on the members on how they are doing the business and I slowly get to understand what this company is up to and that is to provide learnings to its members.

With that, I decided to join right away without informing my upline. He was only surprised when I chatted him in Facebook and informed that I'm his downline and I need my account to be activated to start right away. 

After two months, I got my first sale and that is P400.00. This is the time that I realized that it's possible to make money online step by step.

And here I am, still craving to learn new things from the IM community to gather the knowledge on how to start a business right without pushing the your offer to anyone.   

So if you're interested, go click on the banners or links in this blog and take time to watch the videos and message if you have more questions.

Thank you. 

Make Money Online

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